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Since establishment in 1997, Samhwa Plastic Inc. has produced plastic moldings related to cosmetics, household goods and electronic products. Especially in the field of cosmetics, we are striving to enhance the value of the market by producing and marketing excellent containers and pumps. Samhwa has One Line System containing mold design and production, plastic molding, surface coating and metalizing of plastic surfaces, printing and hot Stamping etc. With our system in place, we are striving to develop into an integrated producer of plastic packaging.Samhwa plastic’s own brand mazel is currently being widely used in cosmetics, household goods and pharmaceuticals market. Samhwa Plastic Inc. is an unspoken collaborator that enhances the presentation to make your product standout, through persistent research and development. With management ideology of customer satisfaction and quality assurance, all of our staff and employees promise to try our best to satisfy customer’s needs.